XOTAL Party May 11th 2007

Photos by Steve Cameron etc..

At the City Limits Wine Bar and Restaurant, London.

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DSCF0764.jpg DSCF0765.jpg DSCF0766.jpg DSCF0770.jpg DSCF0772.jpg
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DSCF0773.jpg DSCF0778.jpg DSCF0780.jpg DSCF0781.jpg DSCF0782.jpg
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DSCF0784.jpg DSCF0785.jpg DSCF0792.jpg

We had the following messages from this who sadly couldn't make it:

Phil Marsham Greetings from Etheopia sorry I cannot join you
Rachael Bennet Sorry I cannot join you enjoy your evening.
Ole Krebs Say hi to those that remember the good old days………….. And long nights
Bart Foley Greetings to all from Freetown - have a great evening
Peter Ritchie Really disappointed that a prior engagement means I am unable to join you. Enjoy the evening
Robbie Burns Sorry I cannot make it. Have a Great Evening
Malcolm Pemble sorry but I'm already booked up for that night a 50th birthday party and seeing all the old colleagues, well I could get all emotional
Chris Pollard IAMI conference in the Lake District. Accept my apologies, and give my best regards to all
Jacques Baudelot I do apologize not to be there, but i got the great pleasure to meet recently in Dakar, some good friends coming from a good old past: Jonathan Marshall and Bart Foley
Samir Sharma Thank you very much for the invitation. Monique & I would love to come but involved in house refurbishement I wish you all a wonderful party and will come and visit you soon.
Sam Judah Sorry that I will not be able to make it, it is my lodge night and I am the. D. C
Sonny Svenson Sorry Steve but not possible to join you at this reunion due to work load. trust to make it next time. Anyway pass my best regards to all and sundry.
Jean Michel Silue i can imagine that this  reunion will be a real success but unfortunately i can not attend  at  the meeting as i just leave OTAL's team in Abidjan at the end of  March 2007 .
Chani Singh Love to attend but conflict with travel schedules to the other side of the world. Regards to all and perhaps next time.
Ralph Godfrey Sorry I won't be able to be there this time but please say hi to everybody  for me !! I took the attached picture on the quay at marseille last week - made me quite nostalgic !!
Martine Cattillon Hello Steve I would be pleased to come to your otal evening, but unfortunately I am not available at this date. Give my best regards to all yr invitees and i hope to see you soon best regards Martine ( Catillon if y do not remember me)
Paul Rodwell Sorry in Dublin and much to sort out with the current merger