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Alternatively send an e-mail to xotal-request@xotal.com subject "subscribe" or "help" for more information.

If you are having trouble or just want to send a mail to us use info@xotal.com

This is a private list, so you have to be approved. Once you are approved you can send mail to all members of the group (without knowing their individual addresses) using xotal@xotal.com

Only members of the group can look at the list of all the member e-mail addresses (see administration).

In fact anyone can send to the group but if not sent from a subscribed e-mail address Steve will have to manually approve or reject it.

You can chose to receive these e-mails immediately, have one e-mail daily digest or not have them sent to you (useful if you subscribe more than one e-mail address).

There is an archive so you can see the mails on a web page - you will need the password sent to you when you subscribe.

Don't forget to cancel and re-register if you change e-mail address.

Subscribers may be removed at the discretion of the administrator.

All postings will automatically have a subject beginning "[XOTAL]" but posters should use the subject field to clearly indicate the area of interest.


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