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A site for friends of O.T. Africa Line around the world

Second XOTAL Party on May 11th 2007 with photos

XOTAL editor's wedding photos June 17th 2006


This is a meeting place or community for all of the people that used to or still work for O.T. Africa Line, or have supported the company's progress during its 25+ years of progress.

You can join us if you work for, or used to work for

  • O.T. Africa Line
  • An agency of Otal, past or present
  • Any supplier of Otal, current or previously
  • You have or had friends at Otal.

What will happen here is your choice as the membership develops.

To join is free, as the site is currently sponsored by Steve, at Cameron Maritime Resources. We are also looking for new sponsors to help us with the start up and admin costs.

So if you would like to find out:

What happened to Sven Persson and where he is today.
If Beverley still has her Bee costume.
About that famous phrase from Connie.

Then contact us today & send us your details and tell us what you are doing now.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Steve Cameron
X-Otal site editor & sponsor.


This is a place where you can:

  • find old colleagues
  • catch up on what X - Otalites are doing now
  • participate in discussion groups
  • participate and receive the regular newsletter
  • attend and arrange social gatherings
  • post details & a photo on the contact site
  • sign up to the news group
  • spill the beans and remind us of some of the old office antics.

Contact Us:

phone  +44 20 8995 3555


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